Greve in Chianti, land and surroundings

Chianti is a hilly area right in the heart of Tuscany, between Firenze and Siena, and is known to be as one of Italy’s most fascinating and typical places. It is also known worldwide for the beauty of its landscapes and its excellent wines. Chianti is surrounded by wonderful landscapes. Visitors can enjoy the vineyards stretching over the horizon, farmhouses immersed in majestic cypresses, amazing medieval villages, and gentle hills offering spectacular sunsets. Greve in Chianti is the most characteristic destination of all the Chianti area.

This hill town is all surrounded by vineyards and is located between Florence and Siena. It is also known as the city where Giovanni da Verrazzano was born, the famous Italian explorer who explored the Atlantic coasts of today’s Canada and the United States in 1500. Wherever you go, you will be amazed by the laid-back and lively atmosphere of this town. The right place where to spend quality time immersed in art, history, and good food.